What to Eat to Gain Muscle?

If you have started a weight training or muscle building program, you already know the importance of regular, disciplined work outs. But did you know your diet is just as important? But what to eat to gain muscle effectively?

A few pointers; You should certainly be following a diet that is high in protein and carbohydrates, and lower in fat. There are certain protein rich foods that really should be included in a daily plan that is designed to help gain muscle.

The protein foods are:

Eggs Steamed or Roasted Chicken (not fried) Tofu Ground Turkey Fresh Fish (especially fresh tuna) Soy based foods.

Great Carb Laden Foods:

Brown Rice Pasta Potatoes Oatmeal and Bran Maize and Corn cereals Whole-wheat Breads

These foods go some way to answering the question “what to eat to gain muscle” but how much of them do you need to eat is another issue to be addressed. Too much protein can put a strain on the kidneys, so you do need to be careful to a certain extent. There is a formula you can use to calculate a safe but effective protein intake. Multiply your body weight in pounds by 0.37, or 0.8 in kilos / kilograms. The result is the amount of protein that you can safely consume in one day.

Healthy fats should also be a smaller part of your diet that is designed to address “what to eat to gain muscle”. This should include Cottage Cheese, peanuts, almonds and the occasional use of olive oil.


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